We’ve got the power!

It took a signed easement from one of our neighbors, a lot of underground boring, and a crew of Duke Power dudes with a bulldozer squeezing into the smallest part of our yard, but permanent power is ours! Hooray!

Whoa, Dozer!

Whoa, Dozer!

We see the light!

Our first glimpse of light at The Newton Nest!

This is the first time we have ever seen the inside of the Nest with the lights on and it’s an incredible feeling!


4 thoughts on “We’ve got the power!

  1. So happy that you have done all this work to bring this house back to life! I lived there from 5 years old until I married and left home. My parents lived there until 1984. It is a great house and I’m sure you will be very happy there!
    Merry Mulcahy

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