The Last-Minute Window

Our powder room may be small, but it’s got personality! There are so many things we love about this teeny little room, but one of its finest features almost didn’t happen! You may remember from the floorplan redesign that the Nest’s powder room is not an original feature of the house. We decided early on that it would be smart to add a bathroom to the side of the house where all the living spaces are located (duh!). So, we added two little walls (and two pretty doors!) in what we call the office and – voila! – a powder room was born.

Because we re-plumbed the entire house, adding another sink and toilet was relatively easy. The challenge was making this little [water] closet not feel like an afterthought… so we decided to use the other half of the diamond-paned window that was originally in our master bathroom. Great idea, right?? Except: 1.) we only had one of the two window panels restored professionally (to keep in the master bathroom) and 2.) all the window openings had long been decided and windows installed months ago. Ugh! But Lauren we HAD to have this window! So, who did we call? My dad.

Good ol’ Richard Harper already has a recurring role in this story, so why not write one more chapter? Not only did he come to the rescue to restore the other half of the window for us, but he installed it, too! Here’s the proof:

The Newton Nest_Powder Room Window Install_IMG_8386

The master at work! Removing old glazing and stripping the wood.

The Newton Nest_Powder Room window reglazing

Adding new glaze to the window panes. Is there anything this guy can’t do? 🙂

The Newton Nest_Powder Room Window Install_IMG_7764

Making the first cut; no turning back!

The Newton Nest_Powder Room Window Install_IMG_7770

The Newton Nest_Powder Room Window Install_IMG_7802

The Newton Nest_Powder Room Window Install_IMG_7805

We see the light!!!

The Newton Nest_Powder Room Window Install_IMG_7809

Perfect cut!

The Newton Nest_Powder Room Window Install

Installed and trimmed.

I kid you not, adding this little window completely transformed our tiny powder room. Not only are we glad to have the natural light and a view of the Camelia tree in the side yard, but we saved and repurposed the other half of a very special original feature of our Nest. Win-win!

The Newton Nest_Powder Room Window Install_IMG_0311

I mean, can you even imagine this room without a window?


4 thoughts on “The Last-Minute Window

  1. I grew up in your house, my family was the second owner from 1947 to 1985. I would love to see the finished restoration. I love that you kept some of the original features.
    Merry Wyatt Mulcahy

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