From Stoop to Porch

Nothing says, “Welcome, friends!” like a sweet little covered porch!

Truthfully, there wasn’t really anything wrong with our original front stoop; a sturdy set of stairs and a little landing leading right up to our front door. Totally functional? Yes. Something to remember? Ehhhh, not really.

Its lack-luster presence and barely-there overhang at the front door (hardly enough to keep a guest out of the rain as they ring the doorbell) just wasn’t exactly the warm welcome we wanted. So, with a few very simple changes/additions, our so-so stoop has become a precious porch!

We worked with our builder to design a simple, architecturally appropriate overhang that would shelter the entire front stoop and add a little extra curb appeal to the front. I could describe it all to you, but wouldn’t you rather see pictures? I thought so…

A few “before” pictures:

Before! In fact, this photo is so "before" that it was one of the very first photos we snapped as we were beginning the journey to buy the house (September 2014)... it was ours roughly one year later!

Before! In fact, this photo is so “before” that it is actually one of the very first photos we snapped way back when we were a couple of baby birds just beginning the journey to buy our Nest (taken September 15, 2014)… it was officially ours roughly one year later (we closed on September 25, 2015!).

The Newton Nest_Front Porch Remodel_IMG_6339

The Newton Nest_Front Porch Remodel_IMG_6653

The “after” pictures:

Well hello, pretty porch!

Well hello, pretty porch!

Side view!  You can see here how much farther the porch roof extends from the house. It now shelters the entire landing.

Side view! You can see here how much farther the porch roof extends from the house. It now shelters the entire landing.

New front door!

New front door!

Close-up of the tongue and groove ceiling.

Close-up of the tongue and groove ceiling.

And just in case you didn’t quite get the picture… here are a couple of side-by-sides:

Front Porch Before & After

Front Porch Before & After



Closing Day!

No turning back now, y’all!
Wednesday, September 24th will forever be a day of victory for the Newtons. Seriously, if you’ve ever dealt with a short sale situation, distressed mortgage holding companies, delaying an Order of Demolition, and a complicated family estate, then you understand.

It took so long to get to the closing table and we have so many people to thank, but she’s finally ours…ain’t she a beaut?

Aberdeen House - The Newton Nest

Now the REAL work begins!

The walk that started it all…

2011-04-30 15.44.31-1

Miss Pepper gets all the credit for discovering our house on Aberdeen Drive! She’s pretty much the Christopher Columbus of dogs…

One sunny afternoon last  September, our sweet, yet opinionated pek-a-poo pup Miss Pepper was feeling cooped up and demanded asked politely to go for a walk around the block. Matthew and I gladly took her for a stroll and along the way we noticed a house on one of our favorite streets that looked a little…well…mysterious. To put things nicely, it was obvious that no one was living there, or had been for quite some time. So, while Miss Pep marked her future territory, Matthew and Lauren wondered aloud to each other, “what’s the deal with that place?”

After a quick Google-powered recon mission and search of the tax records, we came up with a few bits and pieces and a mailing address. So, we wrote a good old-fashioned letter to the owner. A few days later, Matthew got a call from the executor of the estate and so it began……..

We don’t want to bore you with all the crazy details. So, to make a long story short, we went back and forth for more than a year with many false hopes and set-backs, all the while begging the city of Greenville not to tear it down. But, 386 days later and *ta-da* here we are!

Eggs of Wisdom:

  • Never underestimate the power of a personal letter.
  • If you want something, and you’re willing to work hard enough for it…it just might happen!