We’ve got the power!

It took a signed easement from one of our neighbors, a lot of underground boring, and a crew of Duke Power dudes with a bulldozer squeezing into the smallest part of our yard, but permanent power is ours! Hooray!

Whoa, Dozer!

Whoa, Dozer!

We see the light!

Our first glimpse of light at The Newton Nest!

This is the first time we have ever seen the inside of the Nest with the lights on and it’s an incredible feeling!


The Nest gets new stuffing!

What’s fluffy, pink and keeps the Nest cozy all year long?
New insulation, of course!

We have lined our nest with brand new, downy, pink insulation (that oddly enough smells just like cotton candy!). Although very important, we didn’t think much of this step at first…but it actually made a huge difference in both the look and the feel of our house! After the insulation was installed, we noticed that it was much quieter inside and it made all the rooms feel “cleaner” to have all the batting neatly tucked between studs. All-in-all a much more exciting step than we anticipated. 🙂

The Newton Nest Insulation IMG_7729

A close-up of the pink stuff!

Here’s a look at our newly lined nest:

The Newton Nest Insulation IMG_7732

The Newton Nest Insulation

The Newton Nest Insulation IMG_7854

The Newton Nest Insulation IMG_7716

By the way, our insulation guy used stilts instead of a ladder!! Amazing!

Oh, and by the way, our insulation guy used stilts instead of a ladder!! Amazing!

The best part of completing insulation?? Now we can move on to sheetrock!