Cedar Fever—our shingles are here!


Moving right along! Our pallet of Cedar Shake replacements has arrived (Boy, do they smell good!) and repairs are underway. Our plan is to salvage as much of the original Cedar Shake siding as possible and patch in wherever necessary.

“Feathering” these shakes into the existing siding is a painstakingly tedious job, but our guys seem to be making great strides each day. Provided we have good shakin’ weather, this project should be complete by next week.

Here’s a sneak peep at our Nest’s new feathers:

Our new shakes  bring all the boys to the yard!

Shake upgrades underway!

Matthew loves the smell of Cedar and progress in the morning...

Matthew loves the smell of Cedar and progress in the morning…


2 thoughts on “Cedar Fever—our shingles are here!

  1. I love cedar shakes! I am so glad you can retain the original with replacements where needed. Soon, the outside will be gorgeous…soon to be followed by drywall inside and all of your finishes….

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