Snow Day!

Brrrrrrrrr! We are weathering our once-a-year South Carolina snowstorm…so, of course, we had to run over to the Nest to snap a picture of it covered with a dusting of the white stuff!

Truthfully, we were a little anxious about how the big, beautiful trees in our yard would hold up under all the ice. Thankfully, we only had damage to some smaller trees and few little limbs come down. Whew! We were very lucky. We are in the queue with a local tree trimming company to come take a look at our four giant water oaks and do some basic maintenance, taking down some large limbs that hang over the house and our neighbor’s yard, etc. Hopefully, we will get this done before the sap starts to rise in early spring.

Here’s a shot of our little cottage in the snow:

snow day IMG_7489

How cute! Now, c’mon SPRING!!


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